Sunday, November 22, 2009


Yesterday I had a photoshoot with Saile again. The photos were taken for my schoolwork. I had this idea for a long time actually, but there wasn't just a fitting weather for the shooting. It was quite cold and snowy a couple of weeks ago and I just had to wait for the snow to melt. Fortunately, yesterday the weather was absolutely perfect. Thank you God! :P
AND I thank Pille and Saile ofcourse who were very helpful. Poor Saile, had to pose for me with quite cold and windy weather. She's shuch a good model and never whines about a thing! :)
I actually haven't started with the editing yet. But I think I can post them soon.

Pille and Saile switching their shoes.

Pille assisting :)

Pille imitating Saile

Saile and Pille as usual...

I dedicate this song to you, Pille and Saile :P :