Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hey guys, just letting you know that I decided to start a new "blog" on since yesterday. I will use my tumblr as my random inspiration kind of blog at first and then i'll decide if i'll move to tumblr completely. So yea, visit my new tumblr at
Take care

PS: If you have tumblr, then post your url to my comments ;)

Hei, annan teada, et otsustasin teha uue blogi lehel. Esialgu kasutan oma tumblri blogina kuhu teen lühikesi postitusi nii enda piltidest ja asjadest kui ka nendest mida ma internetiavarustest leian. Niisiis kasutan seda kui "inspiratsiooni blogina" vms. Blogi leiad siit:
Kui sul on endal tumblr, siis anna kommentaarides teada. ;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kadri aka BatCat... Andres said. :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Summer longing

...happens every year in February mainly. *sigh* Felt like posting something related to summer.

Foun this video while searching for new "chillout music". It's like cutest and most emotional thing i've seen lately. A true-life story about a unique and special friendship between a wild dolphin known as JoJo and his human companion Dean Bernal. Read more on youtube right below the video. Happy VD! :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hehe, took a while to upload the pictures (I'm at Andres' place and internet is acting uberslow right now) Hmm, yea so now you see how the original (absolutely untouched) images look. I picked them kind of randomly, some close and some not, only where the model is me or my close friend, not a client. Put them togethr with the edited ones, so it would be easier to compare them. :D Have fun, comment or ask anything if you'd like. :)
(click on the pictures to see them larger, as always)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Alone but not lonly

I've been alone three days for now (daytime only), and I still enjoy it. :D Even tough it gets boring sometimes. Hmm till today I hadn't gotten sick of photographing myself, but now I am. Took a few pictures of myself today and they all looked kinda odd. :)
Hmm anyways...I'm thinking of posting some photos from the past shoots that are absolutely unedited. Just so you, who follow my blog, can compare them with the edited ones. First I have to run through my old folders which are all on an external harddrive, to find the original ones. I will post some soon. ;)


Monday, January 31, 2011

The Touch of Light

It was so refreshing to see the sun today and the starry sky yesterday. Took some advantage of the beautiful light in the morning and photographed myself(again). :)
*sigh* can't wait for the spring.


Thursday, January 6, 2011


I was home alone some days ago. Like I had nothing better to do, tried to take some selfprotraits. Taking selfportraits alone is always quite funny. Since I don't have a remote controler I have to run across my room for every single picture. :D Most of the pictures aren't sharp at all and when I get to the right place I can't think of any good pose in such a short time. lol
Anyways I was too lazy to do anything with the pictures because they are too boring. :D Just added a frame. See it larger by clicking on it.

Listen/watch this video, at least it isn't that crappy as my selfportraits. :D

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A few behind the scene pictures

This creepy serie was supposed to be ready for halloween. We took the death and witch pictures on october 31. As we actually don't celebrate halloween here, we still had the chance to wear costumes. :D We had 6 ideas but managed to do only 3 due to lack of time, but we will certainly do the others too.

Testing the light on cute Pille

Haha, plasticine helps always, well almost. Broke my "nails" million times while taking a few photographs. :D

She never actually threw it toward us. -.-

This was too fun, but obviously not for Pille (it was actually her idea). Kadri pouring some water on Pille.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Corpse bride (1/3)

Didn't want to ruin Pille's mother's wedding dress, so I had to ruin it on photoshop, which I kind of regret because the stains look too fake. But oh well. At least the location is absolutely amazing and I hope to take more photos there. :D

Wicca (1/2)

Hmm, okay the first photo is more like a manipulation of two similar photos, I just tought it would add some morecreep to the picture . :) Pille took the photos and I played the little witch, Kadri helped with the reflector again. I was happy I didn't cath fire. :D Enjoy...

Hope you guys, who had the chance, watched the solar eclipse today!

Death Came (1/1)

Hehe, it's kind of funny I post photos like these on my birthday. :) They kind of look a bit funny to me in some way now. Note that the dead body changes her posesometimes. :D hmm, yeah I thought one photo would have been too few to post. Anyways the creepseries were taken really quickly, which I will be posting today and during the following days. Model is Pille and assistant Kadri. The idea was Pille's if I'm not mistaken. That's why she had to lay down on the wet and cold moss and grass in a bog.