Sunday, February 13, 2011

Summer longing

...happens every year in February mainly. *sigh* Felt like posting something related to summer.

Foun this video while searching for new "chillout music". It's like cutest and most emotional thing i've seen lately. A true-life story about a unique and special friendship between a wild dolphin known as JoJo and his human companion Dean Bernal. Read more on youtube right below the video. Happy VD! :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hehe, took a while to upload the pictures (I'm at Andres' place and internet is acting uberslow right now) Hmm, yea so now you see how the original (absolutely untouched) images look. I picked them kind of randomly, some close and some not, only where the model is me or my close friend, not a client. Put them togethr with the edited ones, so it would be easier to compare them. :D Have fun, comment or ask anything if you'd like. :)
(click on the pictures to see them larger, as always)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Alone but not lonly

I've been alone three days for now (daytime only), and I still enjoy it. :D Even tough it gets boring sometimes. Hmm till today I hadn't gotten sick of photographing myself, but now I am. Took a few pictures of myself today and they all looked kinda odd. :)
Hmm anyways...I'm thinking of posting some photos from the past shoots that are absolutely unedited. Just so you, who follow my blog, can compare them with the edited ones. First I have to run through my old folders which are all on an external harddrive, to find the original ones. I will post some soon. ;)