Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Final results =)

The quality on here is quite awful but oh well.
I hope I can manage to edit some more but for now that it. :)

Photoshoot with Pille

I had a photoshoot with Pille like a over a month ago but i wasn't able to do the post processing because of loads of schoolwork. I still haven't finished editind the rest I want but since I don't know when I will finish with them I'm going to post some right now...or later on.
So the huge inspiration this time came from Galliano's 2009 fall collection and later I just looked at pictures of slavic fairitale characters and so on. :D
I just fell in love with this collection at first sight and I was kind of sure that next costume would look something like it.

Costume was made by me and we don't have much better to do in Tartu. :D We actually started making it in March and then waited until the weather would be a bit warmer. :)

Pille adding some details to the sleeves

First try-on

, the weather on that day was great and it was the first time I used my new camera on the photoshoot. Since I took pictures of Pillle, she couldn't be the assistance this time. I asked Janne if she could come and help me with the lightning and she was able to do it. Many many thanks! I did the hair and make-up like always. :)

I made a total zombie of Pille with that make-up. :D (after the shooting)

I think I'll make a separate post for the final results. :)