Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family Portraits


Hmm, thought I should write here something but now all the ideas are gone. Right now I'm just sitting by the window and enjoying the almost "perfect autumn weather" (quite chilly and windy plus it's about to rain soon, I guess)
Lately I've got several ideas of taking photographs and I hope I can realize them soon. Pille has already started making a costume for one of the shoots. As a hind I say it's something like a mixture of persian...and several other cultures.It was actually Pille's idea but she told me and I'm going to help her to make the costume as much as I can and then take pictures and maybe add my ideas and vision to it. Anyways let's see if we ever manage to take the pictures. :D
Besides that idea I've got more , but I wont tell about them before I manage to post the final photos here on my blog. :)
Right now going to take a walk in the forest with Andres...bye...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010