Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy holidays!

I know I should have posted Saile's photos before, but I didn't. :P I just can't decide how to edit them, b'n'w or colour ( cold tones or warm)...hehe. Anyways...before it's too late I would like to wish you all happy new year. :)

My sister's son :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Yesterday I had a photoshoot with Saile again. The photos were taken for my schoolwork. I had this idea for a long time actually, but there wasn't just a fitting weather for the shooting. It was quite cold and snowy a couple of weeks ago and I just had to wait for the snow to melt. Fortunately, yesterday the weather was absolutely perfect. Thank you God! :P
AND I thank Pille and Saile ofcourse who were very helpful. Poor Saile, had to pose for me with quite cold and windy weather. She's shuch a good model and never whines about a thing! :)
I actually haven't started with the editing yet. But I think I can post them soon.

Pille and Saile switching their shoes.

Pille assisting :)

Pille imitating Saile

Saile and Pille as usual...

I dedicate this song to you, Pille and Saile :P :

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Photos of Saile

So, here are the final results. I'm open to critique, if it's constructive. (The photo above didn't really suit with other photographs because of it's warm colour, so I placed it a bit separately from the others.)Oh, and try to ignore the poor quality due to filepacking(or whatever you call it).

Friday, October 23, 2009

Behind the scenes

Hey! You probably were all thinking that I wouldn't post anything here anymore. Sorry for not doing it for so long time. I kind of didn't "touch" my camera for about 3 months! (Yea, I can't believe it either) :D I'm not going to whine here like " oh I've been so busy and tired and other stuff", because i've been completely OKAY. I just didn't feel like taking photographs.
Anyways two weeks ago I was shooting Saile. I kind of wanted to do something close to wild and native. I bought some fake fur, leather and fabrics with Pille and made some accessories and skirt really "fast" right before the shooting. Thank you very much,Pille, for the skirt and for assistance of the light.For animal-lovers,yes the fur she's holding is real, but it probably wasn't killed in a horrible way (probably during hunting and as we all know hunting is very essential) and if you really don't have any glue about it, then don't bother to post stupid comments about it. I hope I didn't sound too harsh here. :D
I still have some photos to edit and I will post them as soon as I finish the post processing. Right now I'll upload some behind the scenes. ;)

Pille giving final touches

Saile doing her best high jump ever.

Saile looking happy as a primitive human who has just found her meal of the day.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A puppy looking for a nice home.

Kutsu leidis endale hoolitseva ja s├Ábraliku perekonna. :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Something B&W for a change. :) Let me know, what you think. I always appriciate some constructive critique also.

Hi again!

So, I had a kind of quick photoshoot with Janne on Sunday. I mean quick because I didn't expect to take photos the day. So, no preparations were previously done actually. I did a quick make-up and called Saile, if she was available to help me with the reflector. Fortunately she could come. :) But, as I said, I didn't expect to have a photoshoot the day, I hadn't charged my battery. That's why I couldn't take as many photos as I would have liked to. What a pitty!
Oh and I almost forgot to tell the most exciting part. :D We went to a horsefarm to take photos with horses. I knew it would be really difficult to shoot with animals and yes, it WAS. I hope it was worth trying and who knows...maybe I will do it again. :) But I'd like to thank Janne's friend, who let us to take pictures with her horses. =) I'm currently editing some photos. I will probably post them later this evening.

Janne being cared because of horses big head... :D

Monday, July 13, 2009

Finished photos

Photoshoot with Liisi

At last I finished editing photos of Liisi. Last week we went to Sangaste to take photos inside and near the manor. The service in Sangaste manor was very nice. Liisi requested me to take historical photos of her, since she wants to hang some of them on the walls of her flat, that is baroque furnitured. The photos kind of remind of the "Vanity Fair" shoot I had with Pille last summer. Probably because of the same dress. :D If you don't know yet, the dress is made by Pille and me.
Anyways, hair was done by me and Pille, make-up by me. I had two assistants this time-Saile and Pille (Many thanks!). I'll post behind the scene photos and finished ones separately.

Some behind the scene photos:

The most comfortable pose to take photographs.

In the ballroom. I like large windows.

It was kind of windy. Thought the hair couldn't resist, but as you can see, it actually could. Use Taft by Schwartzkopf...haha.

Swirl, swirl...Liisi feeling quite dizzy. :D You can see her tights are also ripped.

Probably just some everyday visitors in Sangaste. :)