Monday, February 8, 2010

Basket "Kapsuke"

Uploading a photo of selfmade and designed basket I made at school. You probably know why I named like this. It can be put together so it's easier to store. Made of bent veneer. ;) Oh and I found some photos taken of making the bent veneer. Several layers of veneer and glue were placed onto a mould and then put into vacuum bag.


Some watercolour paintings I've done at school. Took photos of them for photography class. Not my favourite ones, so maybe I'll post some more soon.

All watercolour paintings done during 1. semester.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Starry night

I was about to turn into an icecube while I was taking these photos. Stood in deep snowdrifts with more than 20 degrees below zero and cold wind. Used iso 1600 for these photos. Not a good choice because as we know, usually the noise ruins all the photographs. At least it made the stars visible in the photographs and that was my main purpose.

Shutter: 30 sec; Aperture: 3,5; ISO: 1600