Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I had such a random feeling that I should post something here today. Hehe. Life's been quite good to me so far, nothing special but nothing bad neither. Totally not waiting for the January, because no holydays then. :( AND my birthday on 3rd doesn't really count because I don't want to get any older. I've never liked my birthdays. I used to hate it, and still do...suonds kind of evil. :D
About photo. Haven't taken any lately only admired others work. Really, i've kind lost interest in my photos, because they look so miserable to me comparing to others'. But I know, its winter, and winter's always been the season of "no inspiration", even tough there is soo much snow outside and it's so beautiful. :D
Hm, I owe my photoblog some pictures from the "creepy" serie. I remembered. I looked at them today and kind of didn't like them anymore. So I'll skip this time and wont post them, also it's not the best time to show people "dead bodies". :D
See ya soon, and a Happy new year!

The proof I was bored today