Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I had such a random feeling that I should post something here today. Hehe. Life's been quite good to me so far, nothing special but nothing bad neither. Totally not waiting for the January, because no holydays then. :( AND my birthday on 3rd doesn't really count because I don't want to get any older. I've never liked my birthdays. I used to hate it, and still do...suonds kind of evil. :D
About photo. Haven't taken any lately only admired others work. Really, i've kind lost interest in my photos, because they look so miserable to me comparing to others'. But I know, its winter, and winter's always been the season of "no inspiration", even tough there is soo much snow outside and it's so beautiful. :D
Hm, I owe my photoblog some pictures from the "creepy" serie. I remembered. I looked at them today and kind of didn't like them anymore. So I'll skip this time and wont post them, also it's not the best time to show people "dead bodies". :D
See ya soon, and a Happy new year!

The proof I was bored today

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Hello, this is Notsu (means a piglet in estonian). Made this stool last spring at school. It can be used as a chest also. :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Still not dead...:D

Seems like I haven't posted for a while. It's not like I haven't taken pictures lately...nope. Me and my flatmates are doing a small "project", just for fun tough. I can tell that all the photoshoots are some kind of horrorscarycreepy(but not that scary tough). :D I can't help it, Autumn just makes me think this way. At first I wanted to make these photos for halloween, but yeah couldn't get it done. We still have to do alot more photographs and I wont post the finished images before everything is ready. Yep, just to let you know that something is coming. :D

Kind of a spoiler picture, but didn't want the post to be without a picture. (Me, Pille, Kadri)

His music has given me a lot of inspiration lately :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family Portraits


Hmm, thought I should write here something but now all the ideas are gone. Right now I'm just sitting by the window and enjoying the almost "perfect autumn weather" (quite chilly and windy plus it's about to rain soon, I guess)
Lately I've got several ideas of taking photographs and I hope I can realize them soon. Pille has already started making a costume for one of the shoots. As a hind I say it's something like a mixture of persian...and several other cultures.It was actually Pille's idea but she told me and I'm going to help her to make the costume as much as I can and then take pictures and maybe add my ideas and vision to it. Anyways let's see if we ever manage to take the pictures. :D
Besides that idea I've got more , but I wont tell about them before I manage to post the final photos here on my blog. :)
Right now going to take a walk in the forest with Andres...bye...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The beauty of fall :)

Surprisingly this year i've managed to do several photoshoots during gorgeous colourful period in autumn. Took alot of photos of a family in the weekend. The weather was absolutely ethereal. :D yey. Finished sorting out the good pictures yesterday. Going to finish these in the weekend, because right now I feel quite crappy due to cold that I caught today morning. Eyes all watery and tired...=').
Pille asked me earlier about a picture I took of her last week right before she left home to go to uni. I had edited it and all but totally forgot about it. :) It's nothing special...hehe. Maybe finds some use on facebook. :D But here it is:

Oh yeah, lately I've thought a lot about experimenting with photography. Hmm yea maybe I even have some ideas but i'm not sure yet. Anyways I have to look for someone who could model for me. I'd like to take pictures of someone who hasn't posed for me yet. :D When I'm completely sure what and how I want to do next. I will probably announce you, just so you can write me back or reccomend someone who would be interested.
Anyways, I'ma go make a cup of tea and start watching a film or something (The Others, altough I've seen it several times but a long time ago)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Finished photos

Ok, I'm so proud I finished two more pictures from the last photoshoot. :D Sundays are somehow so inspiring. I tried to push myself the whole week to finish some more photos but I just couldn't. But today I actually really wanted to do it. hehe :)

Listened Evanescence the whole time I worked on the photographs. Kind of suits with the atmosphere. :D

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Snowwhite wannabe :p

Ofcourse I'm not fabulousely beautiful like snowwhite should be hmm but yeah I actually just wanted to try how red lipstick suits me and take some photos. :D I have to admit, it's not the best colour for me. Anyways, the photo is taken by my Mum who first time took pictures with my camera ever. Wasn't so bad though. :P Oh and forgive me I haven't posted the photos of the costumes, I just don't have them yet...still... :D Ok now when I'll stop being so lazy I will post more of this photoshoot but right now only one.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Costumes :D

Pille's room will be soon too small for the costumes :D

Yesterday I went to Pille's place and decided to overlook all the costumes we have made for photoshoots so far. Some of the pieces are more than five years old and some of them aren't finished yet. So we tried everything on and it felt quite good, because everything fit perfectly (yeey :D). So yea, we tried everything on and took a quick picture of each costume, so we can share everything we've done. Unfortunately something happened while I was loading the photos to a memorystick and when I came home and plugged the stick to my pc there were only a few photos on it. So I will post the photos of the costumes some other day, when I can get the rest of them from Pille.

I'm in the paradiseee!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boooring days...

It's been so boring lately. Mostly raining and nothing to do in the house. Thought about finishing a corset for next photoshoot, even went to town to buy some special details for it, but they didn't sell such things. *sigh*
So I tried to find something more exciting to do on computer than watching dumb soaps on tv. Ran through some old pictures and found a photo of Pille which would be fun to retouch. I'm not really good at it because I mostly don't do it to my photographs (takes too much time, may change the appearance of the person too much and I'm not using the photos for commercials anyway)
Wanted to try changing the make-up, but I think it turned out a bit fake. But overall the photo looks a lot better now. :P I even removed the scar on her cheek this time.

And here is the original photo:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spooky O.O

I hope I don't get nightmares after looking at the photos tonight...hehe. Just wanted to try multiple exposures...the best way to achieve ghostly effect.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Santa, bring me a camera flash or something for christmas... :)

Here are some portraits of Olivia I took last week. The weather was awful on that day, it rained almost the whole day. So we had to stop taking pictures several times to prevent the camera getting wet. I was also kind of worried about the lack of natural light, because I don't have any flashes or studio lights. Fortunately most of the photos were sharp.

I had also requested to shoot a family on the same day but I canceled it, because it was later in the evening and there wouldn't have been enough light anyway. Still I took a few shots of the youngest child from the family, who was going to get christened in the weekend. I hope the parents are ok if I post a photo of her also.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sweet... =)

Here are photos of Kadri I took on the same day when Pille's pictures. Added a little bit of sweet colours to the photos, thought it would suit with the theme and somehow with Kadri's personality(my opinion only). Hope you like these. :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New serie with Pille

Dress and make-up by Pille. She was inspired by a musicvideo for Vermillion by Slipknot.
I also took photos of Kadri at that day, so once she was an assistant and the other tima was Pille helping...teamwork. Hehe :) I will soon post some photos of Kadri too when I have finished working on them (could be in some days or so).

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hey. I had a photoshoot a few days ago. So, yea I was the model this time. :D I felt quite awkward while posing, cause I hadn't done it for a while. So we switched our places with Pille this time, she was the photographer. The assistant was Kadri. Many thanks to Kadri and Pille, oh and loads of thanks to Tarmo (Pille's brother) who brought my shirt when I had realized after arriving the location that I had forgotten it to Pille's place. I did te styling, make-up and post processing. Kadri and Pille helped me ripping my tights shirt though.



Wednesday, June 30, 2010