Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The beauty of fall :)

Surprisingly this year i've managed to do several photoshoots during gorgeous colourful period in autumn. Took alot of photos of a family in the weekend. The weather was absolutely ethereal. :D yey. Finished sorting out the good pictures yesterday. Going to finish these in the weekend, because right now I feel quite crappy due to cold that I caught today morning. Eyes all watery and tired...=').
Pille asked me earlier about a picture I took of her last week right before she left home to go to uni. I had edited it and all but totally forgot about it. :) It's nothing special...hehe. Maybe finds some use on facebook. :D But here it is:

Oh yeah, lately I've thought a lot about experimenting with photography. Hmm yea maybe I even have some ideas but i'm not sure yet. Anyways I have to look for someone who could model for me. I'd like to take pictures of someone who hasn't posed for me yet. :D When I'm completely sure what and how I want to do next. I will probably announce you, just so you can write me back or reccomend someone who would be interested.
Anyways, I'ma go make a cup of tea and start watching a film or something (The Others, altough I've seen it several times but a long time ago)

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