Thursday, June 11, 2009

Photoshoot with Olivia

I had a photoshoot with Olivia last Tuesday. She actually needed just two photos for a job she is applying for this summer(not modeling). BUT...she's too pretty to only take a few shots of her, so I ended up with hundreds of photos. :D And then came the hardest part...I didn't know which ones should I edit, because there were too many pretty photographs. :P So I just picked some of them to post here. :) I didn't do much editing, because I wanted them to have the natural look, since she just needs them for a job application. Many, many, many thanks to Pille and Helena who helped me...again. :D It means alot to me. Hair is done by Pille and Helena, make-up by me.

Some behind the scenes:

Helena and Pille helping with the lighting

Lots of hairspray...

Everything has to be in right place :)

Final results:

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Little starling

Some days ago, when I was at Andres' place, it happened to be really hot outside. We saw a baby bird, that somehow had fallen out of it's nest. It probably couldn't bare the heat in the nest anymore. So it was time to learn how to fly. Fortunately the little starling managed to do it. Yay, so cute. :P And I managed to take some photos of it. :D Just thought I should post them here.

What ya lookin' there?!

Probably thinking It's in a safe nest.

Brothers and sisters "gasping fresh air" (it wasn't twittering at all, just sat on the edge with opened beak )

It was too dumb to get out of a tractor's wheel, Andres helped it. :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Children :)

Hey! Last week I was asked to take photos of kindergarten children. I hope their parents are ok if I post some photos here. :D