Thursday, June 11, 2009

Photoshoot with Olivia

I had a photoshoot with Olivia last Tuesday. She actually needed just two photos for a job she is applying for this summer(not modeling). BUT...she's too pretty to only take a few shots of her, so I ended up with hundreds of photos. :D And then came the hardest part...I didn't know which ones should I edit, because there were too many pretty photographs. :P So I just picked some of them to post here. :) I didn't do much editing, because I wanted them to have the natural look, since she just needs them for a job application. Many, many, many thanks to Pille and Helena who helped me...again. :D It means alot to me. Hair is done by Pille and Helena, make-up by me.

Some behind the scenes:

Helena and Pille helping with the lighting

Lots of hairspray...

Everything has to be in right place :)

Final results:


Saile said...

siin piltidel on Helena haiguse põhjus ka näha - jalgupidi vees :)

Samantha Nandez said...

Wow she is gorgeous! What job is she applying for? Cuz she'd make a great model :D

I really like that you left these shots very natural. Good use of that gold reflector

cătălin said...

You're so lucky you have great friends to help you with your photography. Sometimes it makes all the difference in the world.

The shots are good but you should pay more attention to your framing. Cutting off limbs at the joints does not make for a pretty sight.

Good luck.

Liisu Tool said...

thank you for the comments. yes, you are totally right, cătălin. I try not to make those kind of mistakes anymore. :) aand, yes, my friends are the best :D

helena said...

of course, we are :)