Monday, July 13, 2009

Photoshoot with Liisi

At last I finished editing photos of Liisi. Last week we went to Sangaste to take photos inside and near the manor. The service in Sangaste manor was very nice. Liisi requested me to take historical photos of her, since she wants to hang some of them on the walls of her flat, that is baroque furnitured. The photos kind of remind of the "Vanity Fair" shoot I had with Pille last summer. Probably because of the same dress. :D If you don't know yet, the dress is made by Pille and me.
Anyways, hair was done by me and Pille, make-up by me. I had two assistants this time-Saile and Pille (Many thanks!). I'll post behind the scene photos and finished ones separately.

Some behind the scene photos:

The most comfortable pose to take photographs.

In the ballroom. I like large windows.

It was kind of windy. Thought the hair couldn't resist, but as you can see, it actually could. Use Taft by Schwartzkopf...haha.

Swirl, swirl...Liisi feeling quite dizzy. :D You can see her tights are also ripped.

Probably just some everyday visitors in Sangaste. :)

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helena said...

that ballroom is REALLY amazing...!