Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A few behind the scene pictures

This creepy serie was supposed to be ready for halloween. We took the death and witch pictures on october 31. As we actually don't celebrate halloween here, we still had the chance to wear costumes. :D We had 6 ideas but managed to do only 3 due to lack of time, but we will certainly do the others too.

Testing the light on cute Pille

Haha, plasticine helps always, well almost. Broke my "nails" million times while taking a few photographs. :D

She never actually threw it toward us. -.-

This was too fun, but obviously not for Pille (it was actually her idea). Kadri pouring some water on Pille.


pille said...

nii et mind võib süüdistada kui te kumbi mehele ei saa :D

Liisu Tool said...

jah! kõiges oled süüdi SINA.