Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cheap flash reflector :D

Hi. I wanted to share something with you. I got an idea a few days ago and realised it yesterday. I made a flash reflector for builtin flas. It guides the flash to the ceiling or walls and then the light bounces onto the object. So the shadows wont be that sharp in the photo.
I used a small mirror, two-sided tape, velcro and a plastic sheet (can be reaplaced with cardboard or something like that)

Sorry, I'll take some better photos of it and also when it's attached to the camera.

Ofcourse the extra flash would work much better, but as I don't earn money by taking photographs, I can't buy all the extra equipments. They cost very much and I'm not able to spent that much money on a hobby.

Here is a sample (all taken with same shutter, aperture and in the same light conditions):


helena said...

ma alles praegu panin tähele, et sa ei kirjutagi oma blogis enam eesti keeles, sest nüüd on kätte jõudnud aeg, kui terminoloogia läheb ära nii spetsiifiliseks, et mul tekib raskusi arusaamisega....ja siis veel inglise keeles kah :D

Liisu Tool said...

:D ega jah, mul oli endalgi eile raskusi mõne sõnaga. Ei teagi, kas kõik õigesti kirjutatud on...

Samantha Nandez said...

That looks great! I'd love to know how it sits on the camera