Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back to summer 2008

I'm quite bored right now. So, I decided to post something. Since I haven't taken photos after the last weekend, so I'll post something I've done in past. Summer is my favourite season, then I have much free time. I went to Helena's summercottage in summer and had alot of fun. It is very cozy there. I'll post some photos which we took there (also some behind the scenes).

Making my hair wet :)

Looks like the mallard was more interesting :D

Helena slicking me up

Wet, quite uncomfortable after the shoot :P
(with Henrika, Helena's sister)

Some final results:

And now some pictures of Helena

Helena's sister Henrika


helena said...

oh god..those summer days...(:
mu eilne jutt. suve pilte vaadates tuleb lausa kurb tunne, justkui oleks millestki puudu...

Liisu said...

ega järgmine suvi kordame ;)

helena said...

loogens ;)

Saile said...

päris head ümbertuuningud

Samantha Nandez said...

Some very nice shots :D