Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy new year!

OK, this might be quite unexpected, that from now on I will continue blogging in english. Thing is, that I posted my blog's link on dA, so anyone, who is interested, can read my blog. I hope you don't mind my grammar or phrasing mistakes. I'm not very good at speaking english. :D
Oh, and I wanted to say I turned 19 on january 3rd. :) My boyfriend made me a present in the morning. We went to buy me a tripod! It wasn't very expensive, but i think it's good enough for me (I'm a beginner). Next week I think I am going to buy a remote control transmitter for my camera.

Just posting a picture of starry sky, which was taken at 00:43 AM on january 2nd. It was quite cold that nigh.(About 12 celsius degrees below zero)You can see the Pleiades on right side of the picure and also the Milky Way.


helena said...

awww - very nice ;) should i comment now also in English?

Liisu said...

oh well, you don't have to :D