Monday, March 16, 2009


I once read a book about stars and saw there an article about photographing startrails. Back to then I didn't have a camera, but i really wanted to try it out. Then some years later I got my first camera, and I still had the "startrail idea" in my mind but then i didn't have a tripod. haha. My boyfriend gave me a tripod as my birthday present. Ok, then i had a camera and a tripod, but there were no stars to be seen in the town. So i had to go to my boyfriend's place to take the picture, because he lives out of the town. And THEN, when i was at his place, the sky was always cloudy! :D But guess what, last saturday I had it all, that takes to photograph startrails. So I got my first startrails picture. :D It's not very good but not bad tough as it is my first one. :D
Here you are:


Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to shoot trailing stars but never have. It's somewhat difficult isnt it? The camera's settings need to be set properly of course.. like long exposure.. and for a couple hours I think? Great photo!

Liisu Tool said...

Yep, the hardest part is the focusing, because you can't see anything. :D Anyways you can read an article about shooting at nights here:
The exposure doesn't have to be that long, for example mine was only about 40 minutes. I think 1 hour of exposure is more than enough. :) Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article ;)