Friday, April 3, 2009

Good news :D

I took part in a little photocompetition on March 20. It was the day when the spring "arrived". So all I had to do, I just had to get the atmosphere of spring into the photo. But the rules were that the photo had to be taken on 20th March. I happened to be at my boyfriend's place at that time and decided to take some shots near his house. Took this photo of dripping maple sap. And thank god, it was sunny that day. :) Heh, so for my surprise, I received an e-mail today saying I have won a token. :D I personally think it's not a special photo, but at least my boyfriend likes it. :D Usually he doesn't like my photos (yeah, that's sad, but I understand-he's not the artist-type person) :D
Here's the picture


helena said...

ou honeyyy, f* the rest, cause you're the best ;)

Samantha Nandez said...

Wow congrats, that's awesome!

...what's a Token?

Liisu Tool said...

I wasn't sure how it's called in english, but i meant the thing that replaces a certain amount of money, which you can spend on stuff in a certain shop. :)