Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Photoshoot with Helena and Pille

I was at Andres' place last week for quite a long time(for me). The environment over there is actually very beautiful. So I wanted to take photos at the locations nearby. Pille and Helena approved to be my models on the day. Nope, I didn't take photos of them together. Pille's shoot was quite fast and simple and Helena's one was something like more prepared?(if I can say so). Me and Pille had made a dress for Helena like a month ago. It took us only like 4 hours to sew it and we absolutely didn't use any cuts. You can see the poor quality of the dress in the photos. :D
I decided to do separate posts for Pille's and Helena's shoots. But first, I'll post some behind the scene photos.
Having some snack before starting

Pille doing Helena's hair

Pille wanted to try her new clipin extensions

:D I hope Helena wont smack me for that

One of the locations

Pille helping me with the lightning

The end (never mind what I'm wearing) :)